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Tony Perdue

American Original

     Tony Perdue was raised in Alabama, but claims the entire galaxy as his home. He is a singer/songwriter known for his authentic and original roots rock n roll and country music. He’s also known to dabble in synthpop and many other genres. Behind the scenes he’s an audio/video producer and engineer. He’s a renaissance man at heart, and is always creating new ideas by pulling from the past and future simultaneously. Tony was voted by the public as the number one country artist for 2019 at He’s a fixture on the Alabama music scene, and an advocate for other artists and musicians.

     Tony was born the son of “the Alabama Wildman”. His father was a disc jockey on armed forces radio during Vietnam. Tony’s grandfather was a humble sharecropper from South Alabama. Tony’s family tree even leads to Johnny Cash as his 6th cousin twice removed. Southern music and showmanship is embedded in his DNA . The kudzu vines, honeysuckle blooms, and red clay of Alabama might as well be part of his blood. Listening to his father’s rockabilly and country records as a child changed Tony life. Before even heard Elvis Presley, he had already heard the Carl Perkins version of “Blue Suede Shoes”. When He heard Jerry Lee Lewis and Billy Lee Riley blasting their rockabilly sounds off the turntable, it was earth shattering. Tony wanted to write songs and he wanted to be a great showman. His idols became all the Rockabilly and Country stars from the 1950s,, as well as Houdini, Edgar Allen Poe, and Evel Knievel.  Later as a teen, Tony because more rebellious. He knew he did not fit in with what was considered normal for Alabama in the 1980s. He became a skateboarder, punk rocker, and someone who did not trust authority.  He started playing in punk bands as an outlet, and realized that felt the same feeling he got listening to the old rockabilly records. Over the years  the abrasiveness of his music gave way to a more soulful approach to music that used the roots of country music, blues, folk, and rock and roll. His songwriting became more inventive and story based over time.

     In Tony’s adult years he suffered many losses. After many of these losses,Tony put his focus headlong into his music.He lived a wild life for a while, but ended up in situations where he had to either quit what he was doing, or die. Against all odds, He continued back into music with his “TMFP BAND”. Tony went back to his roots, and started writing and playing original music that told stories of real life, love, heartache, and redemption. Tony also did a solo project with electronic music that was highly influenced by 80s synth pop. Even though the music sounded completely different, he used what he learned from country song structures to create new music he termed “Electrobilly”. His main focus now has playing with the roots influenced TMFP band, and doing smaller, more intimate acoustic shows. He continues to borrow from the past to spark his creativity, but then runs it through his own special filter that creates something brand new. You can point to certain musical influences Tony has had, but he will always do things exactly the way his instincts tell him to. That’s what American originals do!

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